Heathy skin can run repair circle within 28 days, the old and aging cells will drop after metabolism.
“Basal cell” run their Keratosis, the keratosis cell will renew and get up generally. Finally they form old cells and lead to the formation of the stratum corneum. “Mother cell” is the important role to do this process and make the non-used and old cells will fall of through the metabolism.

“Mother cell“ is the key to sustain the beauty of human body. To have a young and beautiful skin, improvement of the "mother cell" growth environment, support and increase its activities is an important issue. Though aging leads the number of "mother cells began to decline, the activities have gradually weakened ...

COVERMARK focus on the based problems of skin aging, and committed to study the relationship between epidermis and dermis layer of the mother cell and mesenchymal stem which hidden in the bone marrow. The use of new active ingredients and precious herbal ingredients successfully developed a new formula of anti-aging skin care products.

Women pursuit "beauty“ since ancient times constantly ,
we believe that "beauty" without boundaries.
COVERMARK intended for you to solve any skin problem, continue beauty.

Therefore, we are committed to developing products to meet different customer
needs, and always look forward to sharing with you ...